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Global Migration Film Festival


AFK is glad to host the Global Migration Film Festival in collaboration with IOM Uganda "This film tells the singular story of two Congolese friends, Jean-Pierre and Isaiah. In 1996 they had to flee the massacres that ravaged their country leaving everything behind. They spent 20 years in a refugee camp, without anything, cut off from their roots and deprived of a future. But one day, their destiny changes: the United Nations offers them resettlement in the USA, a new beginning, like a one-way trip to a new life. Jean-Pierre and Isaiah are dreaming of a better life but they are far from imagining what awaits them in the West... IOM Uganda Tuesday 3rd December 2019 At Alliance Française Rooftop Free Entry

Event Details

  • Date: 3rd Dec - 3rd Dec
  • Time: 7PM - 9PM
  • Venue:
    AFK Rooftop
  • Entrance Fee:
    Free Entry